Launched in 2016, Ledger is the first peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Examples of subjects covered by the journal are computer science, engineering, mathematics, economics, law, and philosophy – if it relates to blockchain and/or cryptocurrency.

Ledger is an open access, biannual journal. The expectation is to release full-publications twice a year, plus additional articles throughout the year.

Ledger journal

Language English
Publisher D-Scribe Digital Publishing (co-sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh Press)
Edited by

Dr. Peter R. Rizun

Prof. Christopher E. Wilmer

ISO 4 abbreviation


ISSN 2379-5980
OCLC no. 910895894
Site Ledgerjournal.org

About Ledger

A discussion between Peter R. Rizun and Christopher E. Wilmer on bitcointalk.org was the starting point for a development that eventually led to the creation of the world’s first peer-reviewed academic journal focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

On 15 September 2015, a call for papers was issued. The first issue of Ledger came out in December 2016, which was later than originally planned as the formalising of the review process took longer than expected.

Ledger is published by D-Scribed Digital Publishing, which is a part of the University Library System (ULS) for Pittsburgh University. The University of Pittsburgh Press is a co-sponsor.

Ledger has received partial funding from Bitcoin Unlimited.

Editorial team

At the time of writing, Ledger’s editorial team looks like this:

Managing Editors

  1. Prof. Christopher E. Wilmer, University of Pittsburgh, United States
  2. Dr. Peter R. Rizun, Vancouver, Canada

Deputy Managing Editors

  1. Dr. Richard Ford Burley, Boston College, United States


  1. Mr. Peter B. Nichol, Clinical Blockchain, United States
  2. Ms. Jenny Moniz, Carnegie Mellon University, United States
  3. Mr. Jason Shim, Pathways to Education Canada, Canada
  4. Mr. Antony Zegers, Victoria, Canada

Editorial Board

  1. Prof. Christopher Douglas, Oxford University, United Kingdom
  2. Prof. Elaine Shi, Cornell University, United States
  3. Prof. Vijay Pande, Stanford University, United States
  4. Prof. Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí, Universitat Autòma de Barcelona, Spain
  5. Dr. Michael Kumhof, Bank of England, United Kingdom
  6. Dr. Catherine Mulligan, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  7. Prof. Jerry Brito, Coin Center, United States
  8. Prof. George M. Giaglis, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
  9. Prof. William Knottenbelt, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
  10. Mr. Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum, Canada
  11. Mr. Jon Matonis, Bitcoin Foundation, United States
  12. Prof. Houman B. Shadab, New York Law School, United States
  13. Prof. Srini Devadas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States
  14. Prof. Campbell Harvey, Duke University, United States